Ganesha Global

Ganesha Global was founded in 2005 to successfully perform real estate property management, leasing and sales services. We also train staff for multinational firms involved with real estate sales and property management throughout Western and Eastern Europe. Our staff of dedicated real estate professionals offer the highest quality of service and knowledge to enhance and maximize the value of our investors assets.

With headquarters in Budapest Hungary, Ganesha Global has attracted its full-service program to many of the leading real estate companies, property management companies and institutional investors from around the world.


An extensive portfolio of strategic marketing programs provides marketing and agency professionals with the tools to generate high-quality leads, optimize marketing campaigns, and create new revenue opportunities.



Ganesha Global’s strategy involves partnerships with these multinational companies as well as always investing venture capital in their products and services. We are real estate experts in the following markets: Budapest, Hungary - Spain - France - Greece - Italy - Montenegro - Ulan Bator, Mongolia - Tirana, Albania. We can also help with financing in for the purchase of apartments or land in Budapest, Hungary and Bucharest, Romania.

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